Scale Back Alabama

Scale Back Alabama in 2017

Each January since 2007, Alabamians gear up to kick off a healthier New Year with Scale Back Alabama. The statewide weight-loss program encourages participants to lead a healthy lifestyle, shed extra pounds, and conquer obesity all through a little friendly competition.

In its infancy, Scale Back Alabama was primarily implemented in the workplace. It quickly grew in popularity, spreading through community churches, schools and other organizations. Today, anyone in Alabama can participate by weighing in at one of the designated public weigh-in sites. The program is geared toward adults competing on teams of two to lose 10 pounds each for the chance to win cash prizes. Over the last 10 years, participants have shed more than 1.3 millions pounds!

The beauty behind Scale Back Alabama is its ability to make healthy living fun. The program provides health tips, online resources and social media platforms to stay in tune with the best ways to get healthy and beat obesity.

The link between obesity and life-threatening diseases is far too strong in Alabama, which was named the fifth “fattest state” in the nation by Trust for America’s Health. Currently only 37% of Alabamians are at a healthy weight, according to our Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Obesity causes millions of cases of preventable chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart and cardiovascular disease.

Healthy weight can positively affect all of us, from improved energy levels and positive self-esteem to lower health care costs and healthier habits. Get involved with Scale Back Alabama to transform not only your waistline, but also your overall health and well-being.